Growing walnuts in Ukraine

There are 700-800 entrepreneurs growing walnuts in Ukraine now, according to various estimations. 70% of them are Ukrainians who never dealt with agriculture before. These statistical data were announced by Volodymyr Pakhno,  President of Ukrainian walnut association, as informed by


According to him, around 2-3 thousand gardens appear in Ukraine every year. A garden area is 20-50 hectares at average.

It should be mentioned though that 90% of walnuts cropped in Ukraine are from tree plantations, private enterprises, etc. As new gardens do appear, experts consider that this figure will be gradually reduced and 70% will be cropped from private households in 5-6 years while 30% will be gathered from industrial gardens.

“There are practically no more ‘stray” walnut trees in Ukraine. All of them have their conditional owners. People collect walnuts everywhere, in tree plantations, by the roads, that’s why this product has become an additional profit source for them. However, new industrial gardens are grown and they will harvest fully in 5-6 years,” Pakhno says.

By the way, according to experts’ calculations, a hectare of walnut garden contributes up to 150 thousand grivnas to a Ukrainian’s profit when selling walnuts in shell. If walnuts are cracked, it makes half a million then.