Walnut Academy Webinar “Walnuts as a business: reality and tendencies”. August 14th, 2016


Dear participants of the walnut market in Ukraine!

At present, the walnut market in Ukraine is drastically transformed.

Thus,since the beginning of 2016,  it has been proved by such bright facts as founding Walnut Academy, raising the activity of Ukrainian walnut association, creating work groups at Ministries in charge, targeting at walnut market restructuring and upgrading it to a civilized level in Ukraine.

The recently founded Walnut Academy takes an active part in this process. It appears to be the source of information accumulating advanced knowledge and spreading it among the market participants.

In the frameworks of this process, Walnut Academy arranges a webinar on August 14th, 2016 on the walnut branch in Ukraine.

Horus Group reports on the webinar as to the functioning of the first chain of the walnut business, the walnut producing business in Ukraine.

The webinar program is listed below in full:

11.00 / “The world and domestic walnut market: the situation and development prospects (evaluation of amounts produced, walnut export, price outlooks”. Reporting: O.V. Ivchenko (Director of Walnut Academy, Vice President of  Ukrainian walnut association on foreign economic activity, working with manufacturers and exporters);

11:30 / The walnut market development in Ukraine. A survey of the walnut business in Ukraine in 2016”. / Reporting: V.G. Pakhno (President of Ukrainian walnut Academy);

12:00 / “The producing  market in Ukraine. A survey of walnut business events in Ukraine in 2016” / Reporting: Serhiy Hvozdyk (CEO of Horus Group, a walnut manufacturer-exporter);

12:30 / “The main consumers of walnut wholesales in Ukraine. Demands to raw product manufacturers. Instructing walnut producers. How to collect walnuts and to check them.” Reporting: Ali Faraj (CEO of the Ukrainian Walnut company, a walnut manufacturer-exporter);

13.00 / Processing equipment. Industrial processing. Mini-workshop. / Reporting: Oleksandr M. Negovskiy (c.t.s., Director deputy of the SE “Special design and technology Bureau of Institute for problems of strength of NASU, Kyiv);

13.30 / “Enterprise certification; standards of walnut quality and safety. The organic certificate” / Reporting: Petro M. Skrinchuk (с.t.s., professor, National Academy of water transport and environment, leader of the public organization “Green Initiatives Rivne”);

13.50 / The ways the market participants are offered to work this year. Practical hints from the market experts;

14.00 / Answering the participants’ questions.

We invite all participants of the walnut market to the webinar. For participation details, please link to the Walnut Academy’s page here: