Walnut Academy webinar on September 17, 2016


At the beginning of the walnut  season 2016, Walnut Academy holds its next webinar on walnuts in Ukraine.

The webinar is held on this Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 11am to 3pm.

The webinar will be beneficial for all market participants: producers, walnut collection point owners, exporters and will cover such topics as follows:

  • Bulk crop dynamics from 1990 to 2016 with anticipations in 2017
  • Walnut export from Ukraine in 2015
  • Season walnut price variations
  • Price anticipations of leading world manufacturers in 2017
  • Information on the  walnut market in Ukraine
  • Walnut market functioning in Ukraine
  • Current affairs in the producing  market
  • Current problems of the producing  market
  • Work schedule of the producing market
  • Certification and standardization. The organic certificate
  • Processing equipment
  • Unified information on quality characteristics for all producers.

Horus Group company, an affiliate of the Ukrainian walnut Academy, reports on  the topic of the walnut producing  market functioning in Ukraine on the webinar again.

The company representatives will cover the topic “The Walnut producing  market. Walnut network making. Walnut wholesale in Ukraine. Demands to the  product wholesale”.

So, we invite you to join the webinar and to get to  know the specialist’s opinions on every branch of the walnut market, to share experience and to get answers to your questions.

Detailed information and submitting registration  are available at http://orehovod.com/articles/457-17-09-vebinar-orehovyi-biznes-zagotovitel-pererabotchik-eksportyor.html