Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Horus Group congratulates our clients, friends and partners on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We want these holidays to bring into your home fireside comfort and warmth, to open new horizons and to increase the already achieved results. May your and your family member’s health be strong, good luck attends you, friends be sincere and partners be reliable.

We wish you well-being and prosperity, peace and harmony! Be happy and successful!



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Presents from St. Nicholas

img_0026Traditionally, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, New Year and Christmas, we often think how to share our hearts, care and attention with people we love. First of all, we share with our families, prepare gifts for relatives and friends, especially for children.

Unfortunately, not every child can tell about happy childhood, parental attention, also there are some that don’t even know what are fireside comfort and mother love. The winter holidays are a great opportunity to make a gift – even those you do not know personally.

The success and stability of business of Horus Group depends on the social and economic well-being of the regions of our presence. That’s why we pay special attention to the needs of communities where our company operates. Kamensky district of Cherkasy region is a region where the walnut collection points are located. Thus, in December, our company presented sweet gifts to orphans and children from poor families in Kamenka secondary school #1. In acknowledgment of care pupils have sent us photos with received gifts.

We wish the kids good health, happiness, success and realization of the most cherished dreams. Let the coming 2017 brings only joy and good!

Exporters of walnut have met the Prime Minister of Ukraine

A meeting with Vladimir Groisman has been held on 01 December 2016 at the Forum “FTA”, it’s reported on the website Since May 2016 regulation of walnut export is on special control of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. The main topic of the meeting was discussion of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine drafts of resolutions about  sequencing and detenization of walnut export market. Some of proposed measures have been considered positively by exporters, processors and representatives of the Ukrainian nut association, namely gain of phytosanitary control, inspection of production and issuing of a phytosanitary certificate. Participants of walnut market were strongly against the introduction of walnut licensing and export quotas.

For its part, the Prime Minister said that he doesn’t support the initiative of licensing and quotas, and offered in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance to develop a document that would allow walnut exporters to pay taxes faithfully for export.

 We hope that the dialogue between the authorities and participants of walnut market will have positive consequences: arrangements and   measures that will make the market of walnut processing transparent, with payment of taxes, with the return of foreign exchange earnings and the quality improvement of the product that’s exported to all countries of the world will be implemented.


Walnut schemes. How much is Ukraine losing on illegal export?

Ukraine is one of the leading suppliers of walnuts abroad; it ranks the fifth place in the world and the first place in Europe. It’s gathered about 100 thousand tons of walnuts in Ukraine annually.

In Europe the situation is radically different: there are no walnuts, so Europeans have to deliver them and buy at high rates.

That’s why there are many those who so desire to make on nuts and those who want to do this bypassing laws and dodging taxes. Nut wars between exporters and government officials are frequent phenomena that plagues ordinary Ukrainians.

As Ukraine is losing not only millions of dollars, but the prospective partners abroad, watch the report of the Channel 2+2 “How much is Ukraine losing on illegal export? Top Secret”

A new walnut collection point has started its work in Oleksandrivka town of the Kirovograd region


A new walnut collection point has started its work in Oleksandrivka town of the Kirovograd region. From now on, a Horus Group partner – representative collects walnuts in Oleksandrivka town of the Kirovograd region.

The point is located in a convenient place, next to the bus and railway stations. The head of the collection point in Oleksandrivka is Valeriy Oleksandrovich, he is collecting walnuts constantly.

You may specify the details meeting him in private in the walnut collection point or contacting him by telephone 067-269-80-63.

If you are eager to become our representative in your place please contact us by tel. 068-500-43-09.


“Walnut prices in Ukraine have raised this year, 2016”, interviewing Serhiy Hvozdyk, Horus Group CEO by the portal.


The portal has interviewed Serhiy Hvozdyk, Horus Group CEO and discussed the current situation on the walnut market in Ukraine in the 2016-2017 season once again.

According to Serhiy, the walnut season is at its peak, the walnuts have been already cropped and all the price anticipations shared in his previous interview were proved. Thus, the purchase price started from 12 grivnas per kilo of walnuts at the very beginning of the season. It is  approaching  22 grivnas per kilo now.

Horus Group CEO specified the peculiarities of purchase price making as to shelled walnuts, price anticipations in 2016, walnut quality and property influencing the price and the conditions of walnut storage.

The full version of the article is available at

Walnut Academy webinar on September 17, 2016


At the beginning of the walnut  season 2016, Walnut Academy holds its next webinar on walnuts in Ukraine.

The webinar is held on this Saturday, September 17, 2016, from 11am to 3pm.

The webinar will be beneficial for all market participants: producers, walnut collection point owners, exporters and will cover such topics as follows:

  • Bulk crop dynamics from 1990 to 2016 with anticipations in 2017
  • Walnut export from Ukraine in 2015
  • Season walnut price variations
  • Price anticipations of leading world manufacturers in 2017
  • Information on the  walnut market in Ukraine
  • Walnut market functioning in Ukraine
  • Current affairs in the producing  market
  • Current problems of the producing  market
  • Work schedule of the producing market
  • Certification and standardization. The organic certificate
  • Processing equipment
  • Unified information on quality characteristics for all producers.

Horus Group company, an affiliate of the Ukrainian walnut Academy, reports on  the topic of the walnut producing  market functioning in Ukraine on the webinar again.

The company representatives will cover the topic “The Walnut producing  market. Walnut network making. Walnut wholesale in Ukraine. Demands to the  product wholesale”.

So, we invite you to join the webinar and to get to  know the specialist’s opinions on every branch of the walnut market, to share experience and to get answers to your questions.

Detailed information and submitting registration  are available at


Walnut Academy Webinar “Walnuts as a business: reality and tendencies”. August 14th, 2016


Dear participants of the walnut market in Ukraine!

At present, the walnut market in Ukraine is drastically transformed.

Thus,since the beginning of 2016,  it has been proved by such bright facts as founding Walnut Academy, raising the activity of Ukrainian walnut association, creating work groups at Ministries in charge, targeting at walnut market restructuring and upgrading it to a civilized level in Ukraine.

The recently founded Walnut Academy takes an active part in this process. It appears to be the source of information accumulating advanced knowledge and spreading it among the market participants.

In the frameworks of this process, Walnut Academy arranges a webinar on August 14th, 2016 on the walnut branch in Ukraine.

Horus Group reports on the webinar as to the functioning of the first chain of the walnut business, the walnut producing business in Ukraine.

The webinar program is listed below in full:

11.00 / “The world and domestic walnut market: the situation and development prospects (evaluation of amounts produced, walnut export, price outlooks”. Reporting: O.V. Ivchenko (Director of Walnut Academy, Vice President of  Ukrainian walnut association on foreign economic activity, working with manufacturers and exporters);

11:30 / The walnut market development in Ukraine. A survey of the walnut business in Ukraine in 2016”. / Reporting: V.G. Pakhno (President of Ukrainian walnut Academy);

12:00 / “The producing  market in Ukraine. A survey of walnut business events in Ukraine in 2016” / Reporting: Serhiy Hvozdyk (CEO of Horus Group, a walnut manufacturer-exporter);

12:30 / “The main consumers of walnut wholesales in Ukraine. Demands to raw product manufacturers. Instructing walnut producers. How to collect walnuts and to check them.” Reporting: Ali Faraj (CEO of the Ukrainian Walnut company, a walnut manufacturer-exporter);

13.00 / Processing equipment. Industrial processing. Mini-workshop. / Reporting: Oleksandr M. Negovskiy (c.t.s., Director deputy of the SE “Special design and technology Bureau of Institute for problems of strength of NASU, Kyiv);

13.30 / “Enterprise certification; standards of walnut quality and safety. The organic certificate” / Reporting: Petro M. Skrinchuk (с.t.s., professor, National Academy of water transport and environment, leader of the public organization “Green Initiatives Rivne”);

13.50 / The ways the market participants are offered to work this year. Practical hints from the market experts;

14.00 / Answering the participants’ questions.

We invite all participants of the walnut market to the webinar. For participation details, please link to the Walnut Academy’s page here:

Growing walnuts in Ukraine

There are 700-800 entrepreneurs growing walnuts in Ukraine now, according to various estimations. 70% of them are Ukrainians who never dealt with agriculture before. These statistical data were announced by Volodymyr Pakhno,  President of Ukrainian walnut association, as informed by


According to him, around 2-3 thousand gardens appear in Ukraine every year. A garden area is 20-50 hectares at average.

It should be mentioned though that 90% of walnuts cropped in Ukraine are from tree plantations, private enterprises, etc. As new gardens do appear, experts consider that this figure will be gradually reduced and 70% will be cropped from private households in 5-6 years while 30% will be gathered from industrial gardens.

“There are practically no more ‘stray” walnut trees in Ukraine. All of them have their conditional owners. People collect walnuts everywhere, in tree plantations, by the roads, that’s why this product has become an additional profit source for them. However, new industrial gardens are grown and they will harvest fully in 5-6 years,” Pakhno says.

By the way, according to experts’ calculations, a hectare of walnut garden contributes up to 150 thousand grivnas to a Ukrainian’s profit when selling walnuts in shell. If walnuts are cracked, it makes half a million then.