The walnut market 2017/18 in Ukraine through the eyes of walnut purchasers

At the beginning of 2017 walnut harvest season resentatives of Horus Group met with the staff of to discuss the trends of the walnut market, expectations and forecasts.

According to Serhiy Hvozdyk, the head of the company “Horus Group”, in the season 2017/2018, experts expect the global (world) walnut capacity at the level of the previous season. In Ukraine, in spite of freezing in the central regions, the walnut harvest is expected to reach 110 thousand tons, which is 40% higher than the volume of 2016, therefore the deficit of in-shell and shelled walnuts is not expected in the domestic market.

Ruslan Makar, the head of the south-eastern region of Ukraine, “Horus Group”, told about the dynamics of world prices and prices at the Ukrainian walnut market.

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Walnut Mafia in Ukraine – reboot

Walnut exports is one of the most profitable businesses in Ukraine. Export opportunities for this product have not been fully realized in our country. The attractiveness of this business was estimated by the team and surroundings of the President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych.

In those days bogus firms were opened and began to buy the traders’ walnut at a lower price for further exports, and the size of the bribes at the customs were calculated at thousand dollars. In 2016, several firms became export leaders. They were created a couple of months before the start of work and registered on passports of residents of remote villages.

Has the situation changed? Now, officials and businessmen who have previously earned on illegal exports are engaged in the cultivation of walnut gardens. BusinessCensor has studied the data of customs statistics and made a list of companies that imported walnut seedlings for growing in Ukraine. To read more open the link: