European quality for european customers

Horus Group – is a Company, that guarantees the quality of its products, including walnuts.

Why European customers like walnuts from Ukraine?

  • Competitive prices;
  • High quality;
  • Excellent taste of walnuts from Ukraine;
  • Fast delivery, from 2 till 10 days, as compared to 30-35 days for those from US or Chili;

Why European customers like walnuts from Horus Group:

  • High quality for reasonable prices;
  • Delivery terms comprise from 2 till 10 days;
  • Huge experience in dealing with European countries;
  • Contract signing party is European company, so the deals are covered by EU law.

Horus Group delivers walnuts for both confectionery industry and for supermarkets.

We have practical experience, product, packing and labeling meet all the requirements  of EU regarding quality of food products and packing.








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