Walnuts season 2018 / 2019 opening

Congratulation with new walnut season – crop harvest 2018!
We have make summary of all key information regarding walnuts purchasing in order to make you clear all the process of buying walnuts from us!

WALNUT. What walnut do you offer?

  1. Walnuts in-shell – calibrated, un-calibrated, washed on an industrial sink, dried on an industrial dryer.
  2. Walnut kernels – any fraction (halves, quarters, small particles, mixes) and colors (light, light amber, amber)
    A complete list of products and photos can be found on the Buyers → Products.

DELIVERY. Do you deliver walnut to my country?

Yes, we are supplying our products under the following terms:

  1. FCA – downloaded by car + muted;
  2. FOB – downloaded by car + shuffled + delivered to port + uploaded to ship;
  3. CIF – downloaded by car + shuffled + delivered to port + loaded on boat + delivered to destination port + insured;
  4. CPT – downloaded by car + shuffled + delivered to port + uploaded to ship + delivered to port of destination + insured + delivered to buyer’s place;
  5. DDP (Tilja for Turkey) – downloaded by car + blotted + delivered to port + uploaded to ship + delivered to destination port + insured + delivered to buyer’s location + cleared;

SAMPLES. Can I get samples of the product?

  1. We are sending our samples to the European Union countries, Turkey and India.
  2. The buyer pays the cost of the samples and the cost of delivery. The approximate delivery cost is $ 20-25 per 2-3 kg of samples (~60$ for India). Delivery takes up to 10 days.
  3. Delivery of samples to the other countries should be discussed separately.

COOPERATION. I like everything you told – how to start cooperation?

  1. Contact us using contact information on the Contacts page.
  2. Provide us with the following information: your name, email address, phone number, company name, interested product, delivery location, expected volume.
  3. We will provide you with a commercial offer, or just the price of the product that you are interested in;
  4. After agreeing the price, we will send you a contract template for discussing contractual terms of potential supply;
  5. The contract is signed by both parties;
  6. Making walnuts delivery and payments under the contract terms.

QUALITY CERTIFICATE. Are there any documents certifying product quality?

For a separate request of the Client and upon agreement, we provide for each delivery the certificates, confirming compliance with the norms for the following criteria:

  1. Absence of GMOs;
  2. Standards for radiological elements;
  3. Norms for the content of heavy metals;
  4. Standards for Aflotoxin content;
  5. Other standards;

PACKAGING. How is walnut packed and labeled?


  1. Walnut in a shell:
    – Polyethylene bags 20-25 kilograms each;
  2. Walnut kernel:
    – 10 kg carton box;
    – Vacuum packages 5 kg, 2 pcs per carton box


  1. Each package contains a standard producer’s label with the following information: product type, date of production, seller’s name, buyer’s name, net weight, gross weight.
  2. Per separate agreement between Buyer and Seller, a unique logo based on the Buyer’s template could be put into each package;

COMMERCIAL AGENT. If I found a customer, can we work with you on an agency agreement?

  1. Yes, we can. Details of the format of cooperation through Commercial Agents are described on the page for Buyers → Commercial Agents.

CONTACTS. How to reach you?

All contacts are available at the page Contacts.

Main corporate email for your inquiries: info@horusgroup.com.ua

Main corporate Tel/Viber/WhatsApp for your inquiries: +38-068-500-43-09

  1. Walnuts sales to all countries:
    Office, location Praha, CZ and Kyiv, UA. Tel/Viber/WhatsApp: +38-068-500-43-09 (languages – English, Ukrainian, Russian)
  2. Walnuts sales to Turkey:
    Keven, location Ankara, TR. Tel/WhatsApp: +90-506-733-99-62 (languages – Turkish, English)
  3. Walnuts sales to India:
    Rutul, location Kyiv, UA and Mumbai, IN. Tel/Viber/WhatsApp: +38-073-013-82-52, WhatsApp +91-909-912-49-24 (languages – Hindi, Gujarati, English)
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