Walnut season 2018/2019 start. Expectations of Ukrainian walnut market players

Internet platform orehovod.сom, an unchanging leader in the information for walnut business, has prepared an interview on the current position and expectations of the walnut market in Ukraine in the 2018/2019 season.

During the interview, representatives of the Horus Group gave their expectations regarding the prices of walnuts, quality requirements and factors affecting the price policy so it was noted that in 2018 the following significant factors have an impact on the price formation of walnuts in 2018:

  • The increase in yield in 2018 compared to 2017 for all global players on walnut markets – the USA, Chile, China. For example, the United States already collects almost 700 thousand tons, compared with 630 thousand last year;
  • High yield of walnuts in 2018 in Ukraine;
  • Stocks of 2017 walnuts crop in Ukraine;
  • The devaluation of the Turkish lira from 3.7 liters per dollar in March 2018 to 6.25 liras per dollar in September 2018. Turkey is a significant buyer of Ukrainian products.


For more information and to continue the article, please refer to: http://orehovod.com/articles/812-po-chem-greckii-oreh-v-ukraine-v-2018-godu-analiz-rynka.html

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