Walnut schemes. How much is Ukraine losing on illegal export?

Ukraine is one of the leading suppliers of walnuts abroad; it ranks the fifth place in the world and the first place in Europe. It’s gathered about 100 thousand tons of walnuts in Ukraine annually.

In Europe the situation is radically different: there are no walnuts, so Europeans have to deliver them and buy at high rates.

That’s why there are many those who so desire to make on nuts and those who want to do this bypassing laws and dodging taxes. Nut wars between exporters and government officials are frequent phenomena that plagues ordinary Ukrainians.

As Ukraine is losing not only millions of dollars, but the prospective partners abroad, watch the report of the Channel 2+2 “How much is Ukraine losing on illegal export? Top Secret”

A new walnut collection point has been opened in the village Rozdory in Dnipropetrovsk region


Horus Group has opened a new walnut collection point in the village Rozdory in Dnipropetrovsk region.

The convenient location of the walnut collection point and large orange banners will help you find us easily. Call 067-903-22-61 – Vitaliy Nikolayevich for more information about current prices and conditions of accepting products in the village Rozdory Dnipropetrovsk region.rozdory

We continue to expand the chain of our walnut collection points in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad and Cherkasy regions. If you want to work with us – please call 068-500-43-09.






Horus Group has started to sell walnuts to customers from Turkey

The representatives of Horus Group and Rempa. The agreement about selling walnuts

We are glad to inform you that our company has started to sell walnuts to Turkish customers. This cooperation was marked by the first lot of walnuts sent to Turkey in the first half of November 2016.

During the shipping, we interviewed a representative of the Turkish company Rempa Mujdat Yazar about the walnut business in Ukraine.





What do you pay attention to while choosing a walnut supplier?

The walnut lot at the warehouse prepared to be inspected by the buyers before being loaded to the truck

First of all, it is the quality of the purchased goods that is important to our company. We have been working in the Ukrainian market over 10 years already and we have faced some attempts to sell walnuts of low quality to us.

That’s why we inspect every single bag of walnuts before buying. While buying walnuts from Horus Group we were provided with all necessary documents and also could inspect the goods thoroughly.

I visited the warehouses of Horus Group in Dnipro and Cherkasy in person. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the goods were placed in the warehouse in such a way so that we could access them from any side. We inspected 100% of bags with walnuts easily. It does matter as there is a big difference whether walnuts are stored in a garage in bulk or in a warehouse with an easy access to any bag.


Why did you choose Horus Group as a supplier?

The process of loading the walnuts from the Horus Group warehouse to the truck

I have drawn your attention already that our key criterion to choose a supplier is the quality of the goods purchased.

It is pleasant to deal with a company which is working in compliance with all the agreements, rules and formalities.

I was present in the warehouses of Horus Group in person. I was convinced not only of the quality of the walnuts but of the quality of their storage as well. The warehouses are clean, equipped with thermometers, hydrometers. The main warehouse has a convenient way to reach it; the warehouse is big and there is the possibility to inspect the goods.  The quality of storage is a very important item. It makes me more confident that the walnuts in such an early season are fungus free.

Also Horus Group arranged the delivery to our warehouse on its own. We confirmed the costs only. All the organizational moments were conducted by Horus Group. In other words, we agreed with a Horus Group representative about the time of loading, and all the organizational moments were performed by Horus Group. When the representatives of our company arrived, the truck was ready to be loaded already. We weighted it being “empty” together and we weighed the loaded truck after that.

Such an attitude to clients really appeals.

The walnut lot was weighed on modern automobile electronic scales.

In general, every step of the  deal, starting from preliminary negotiations, the goods inspection in the warehouse and ending with loading, weighing and payments, left only positive impressions.


What did you like most of all while cooperating with Horus Group?

Loading the walnuts to the truck

From my own experience I can say that many companies promise certain things during the negotiations but do some others in fact, concerning both the quality and the price. Any business is people first of all. So the people in Horus Group are those who keep their promises, the people of their word, agreed – did.

Because of the company has its own network of walnut collection points with the quality control of the incoming walnuts, Horus Group sells the goods of excellent quality, and this is very important to us. In fact, these are the two items we liked.


What would you recommend to other suppliers?

The loaded lot is heading to the weighing house to be weighed

First of all, I would recommend learning how to sell quality and to work in an honest way. Clients buy not only goods but the goods service as well. As I have mentioned above, such items as the delivery offer, the good and clean warehouse, alongside with the goods quality do inspire us to the further cooperation. Sadly, suppliers play tricks and cheat buyers quite often in Ukraine having on their mind to get profit only once. They think that there are many buyers and they can cheat somebody today and wait for somebody else to come tomorrow. This policy is wrong, such suppliers do not stay in the market for long or do not develop and their negative reputation spoils the attitude to all suppliers in the country. That is why it is important to be honest, ‘transparent’, to create long term relationships with business partners.

In conclusion I would like to thank the Horus Group team for the walnut quality, their well arranged work, their employees’ professionalism and the individual approach to work, at least dealing with us. Rempa is convinced from its own experience that Horus Group is a reliable, decent and punctual partner.

A new walnut collection point opened in Solone town of the Dnipropetrovsk region


A new partner-representative has recently joined Horus Group in Solone town of the Dnipropetrovsk region. We introduce Andriy Volodymyrovich.

The convenient location of our Walnut collection point, as well as big orange banners, will help you to find us easily.

Please contact Andriy Volodymyrovich by tel. 067-266-55-78 for detailed information as to the up-to-date prices and the goods collecting conditions in Solone town of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

A new walnut collection point has started its work in Oleksandrivka town of the Kirovograd region


A new walnut collection point has started its work in Oleksandrivka town of the Kirovograd region. From now on, a Horus Group partner – representative collects walnuts in Oleksandrivka town of the Kirovograd region.

The point is located in a convenient place, next to the bus and railway stations. The head of the collection point in Oleksandrivka is Valeriy Oleksandrovich, he is collecting walnuts constantly.

You may specify the details meeting him in private in the walnut collection point or contacting him by telephone 067-269-80-63.

If you are eager to become our representative in your place please contact us by tel. 068-500-43-09.


Horus Group has opened a new walnut collection point in Tomakivka town of the Dnipropetrovsk region


Horus Group has opened a new walnut collection point in Tomakivka town of the Dnipropetrovsk region. The collection point is situated in the very centre of the town just opposite the central bus station.


Please contact our partner-representative Vadym Oleksandrovich for detailed information by telephone 067-269-06-80.

If you have walnuts and want to sell them we are waiting for you in one of our walnut collection points. The list and the contacts are available here. Our partners and we will always answer all your questions with pleasure.