Our mission and values

The mission of the Horus Group companies

To create and to contribute to order in the world!

The values of the Horus Group companies

In the process of our activity we have worked out a number of key values of our company. Accepting these values together with us guarantees  long-term mutually profitable partner relationships.

Justice and honesty are the key values of our activity. We are always open, honest and just.   We publish news both for our employees and our partners. We have built our business processes in such a way that subjective factors are absolutely excluded. We pay off all taxes and we are doing our business in an open and transparent way.

Unity. We really work as one team.  It does not matter, either a director or an intern, we structure our work in a way that each team member equally contributes to our common mission and see the result of their activity in achieving this mission.

The desire to develop, to create, to work out, to change for the better. We provide conditions so that our employees could develop their talents in the best way possible. A company willing to develop gives its employees the confidence in tomorrow, and to its partners the confidence in long-term relationships.

A positive thinking.  We believe that only a positive thinking  may contribute to the creative activity. We cultivate the positive thinking atmosphere inside our team. We may say confidently that our partners do feel that.