About our company

Horus Group is an international group of growing companies which unite companies in Ukraine and the European Union countries. We are dealing with producing, purchasing, processing and selling walnuts and other agricultural commodities to European countries.

The core of our success is our people and innovational technologies in our work. Our business model is built on our values allowing us to create long-term partner relationships with suppliers and customers and to provide our employees with a motivating developing environment. Such approach gives a possibility to develop to our employees, our partners and ourselves as a company.

We are visionaries of the open, transparent and understandable business management both in the internal environment of our company - for our employees, shareholders, and in the external one - for our partners. Such approach gives a possibility to develop even faster together with our partners and to improve the quality of our goods and services.

Our business

Horus group is a company with a full technological cycle. We work with private farms, and that’s why we can guarantee the best quality. We can assure that our products meet the international standards as we provide control at every stage of the manufacturing and logistic chains.


Effective business management is impossible without the collaboration with private enterprises. That is why an important branch of the Horus Group activity is the participation in developing local societies, supporting agricultural households and improving the level of the households' social welfare.

Ukrainian products are very popular are highly appreciated all over the world . Private households and entrepreneurs are the main manufacturer and seller of walnuts and honey in Ukraine. However without a well-arranged system of sales, walnut and honey sellers have to seek the ways to market their goods themselves. Prior to being exported, walnuts pass the chain of intermediaries: producer (household) – small wholesaler – wholesaler – exporter. Thus, each intermediary increases the purchasing price and gets profit which could be earned by the primary seller (producer) of walnuts and honey. It also makes the marketing process longer and makes the product’s quality worse.

The group of the Horus Group companies works with walnut and honey suppliers directly and exports the goods on its own excluding intermediaries. We are interested in the households' profit from the selling of their products so that people could invest costs into their private households and increase the sizes of walnut plantations and amounts of beehives in apiaries. We are open for collaboration and are ready to develop your business together with you!