Export of Ukrainian walnuts 2018

Ukraine in the first 10 months of 2018 sharply increased the export of walnuts. Export earnings for this period amounted to $ 77.3 million and increased by 77% compared to the same period last year. Exports to Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey increased most dramatically, according to analysts from EastFruit.

Turkey for the specified period became the largest importer of walnut kernels from Ukraine, having bought products for $ 9.3 million or 2.6 thousand tons. Thus, Turkey increased purchases of nuts from Ukraine in January-October 2018 by 5.5 times. Accordingly, Turkey pushed France to the second place, which bought walnut kernels from Ukraine for $ 8.5 million.

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We also note the growth of exports of nuts from Ukraine to Bulgaria by 4.5 times over the specified period and from Ukraine to Romania almost seven times. Thus, Bulgaria in the rating of buyers of the kernel of a walnut from Ukraine took the sixth place, and Romania – the 11th. Among the countries that had previously almost not imported the kernel of a walnut, and in 2018 began to buy significant amounts, were also the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Of the largest importers of walnut kernels from Ukraine, it is quite significant – doubled exactly, Greece, which ranked third, after France, increased its imports. Holland took the fourth place, having increased the import of walnut from Ukraine by 2.7 times. Iraq remained fifth, but reduced purchases by 4% in terms of value.


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