Viber chat- “Buy and Sell walnuts – Ukraine”

Dear producers and producers of walnuts from Ukraine!

We promote the latest technologies among masses, even in such a business as the business of walnut.

At this moment the group koined more then 100 buyers/sellers of walnuts from Ukraine! 

We invite you to join the Viber chat, dedicated to buying and selling walnuts in Ukraine.

To join – please follow the link via your mobile or just enter the link into your mobile’s browser:


If you do not have Viber on your mobile phone – you can download and istall it directly from
Google Play for Android phones – or 
AppStore for iPhone


Viber Group Rules:

  1. Messages and adv only about the sales/purchases of walnuts
  2. Messages should containe photos, location (at least area), volume and walnut’s price
  3. Add your contact phone number into ads (chat for privacy reasons does not allow to via each other phone numbers directly.
  4. No more than 3 (three) photos in each adv.
  5. Do no dublicate messages during the day
  6. Irrelevant messages should be removed.
  7. Exclude personal treatment, own thoughts, etc. – only facts, only verified information.
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