How to become our procurer?

Our company is opened to cooperation with procurers and interested in establishing long-term partnership. Balance of price and quality, prompt payment for the delivered goods, advantageous terms and minimal risks for both parties are the basic principles of our work.

The group of companies, Horus Group, makes purchases of inshell walnut on a going basis.

Detailed conditions of cooperation

1. What do we buy?

we buy whole (inshell) walnut;
• we buy both walnut with thin nutshell and walnut with thick nutshell - it’s called "dovbun" ("greedy walnut");
we do not purchase non-conforming walnut - rotten, dry, walnut with moth, etc.;
• we do not buy underripe walnut with remnants of pericarp (torn with a green pericarp and cleaned by hand from it with the remains of green rind). Walnuts should be obtained by natural dropping out of pericarp;
we buy any volume of walnut: from 1 kg to 20+ tons.

2. When do we buy walnut?

• all the year;

3. Conditions of work with procurers

in fact (you contact us → we reach agreement → you bring us walnut);
contract labor (we sign an agreement about constant cooperation - for our part, we guarantee to purchase any volume of walnut you have at the market price, you guarantee to deliver walnut only to us). When signing the contract, your contacts as "our" purchasing agents will be added to our website → local producers and households will contact you through our site as well.

4. Contacts and how to cooperate

Acquaint yourself with the information above.
• Call us or use Viber 068-500-43-09 or city 044-232-18-31, ask any clarifying questions and start cooperation.